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Network Standard - one of the leading company of system integration in Ukraine. Our team has a huge baggage of professional skills and experience. It gives us an opportunity to realize at the highest level extensive and complex projects for the development, installation and support of engineering and information systems of any complexity.


Our mission - to provide our customers with quality services in system integration.

We work for you:

  • create innovative ideas and implement progressive technologies;
  • provide a wide variety of solutions in system integration;
  • build strong engineering infrastructure.

You get:

  • long-term strategic advantage over competitors;
  • successful development;
  • prosperity!


Continuous growth - a key concept of Network Standard.

One of our aims - impeccable business and professional reputation. And it requires! Absorb new knowledge and develop the most progressive technologies. Enhance our assortment and conquer new heights of service quality and service.

And we can safely accept these challenges. Because we want real, not just in words but in deeds improve the level of comfort and service. Because we ourselves want to be the best. Because proud of what we do!

Our aims:

  • High quality of our services;
  • Reliability of components, operations, maintenance;
  • Maximum optimization of all production and business processes in companies of our customers.


In the work - the quality and professionalism.

With customers - commitment, ability to hear and listen.

In the team - discipline and mutual respect.


Our team - a team of professionals and like-minded people who honestly and efficiently perform their work. We have combined professionals who sincerely keen on their work. We give our employees prospects for professional growth and opportunities for creative realization. Each member of our staff - the master of his craft, which is responsible for the results of his labor.

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