Biulding management systems (BMS)

An experienced system integrator "Network Standard" develops, implements and maintains automatic control systems and dispatching of the building. Building management system hold the tasks of operational management and control of technological processes at different levels of complexity: enterprises, office buildings, hotel complexes, residential buildings. In the BMS system integrates the following systems:

  • ventilation and air conditioning;
  • power supply and lighting;
  • energy accounting;
  • hotel systems;
  • gas supply;
  • automatic smoke removal;
  • access control and video surveillance;
  • security alarm ;
  • management of parking, elevators and escalators, fitness rooms, swimming pools.

Solutions implemented by the "Network Standard", clearly and consistently manages all systems and life cycles of the building as a whole. You will receive modern level of reliability of engineering components, the optimal mode of operation, cost-effective energy consumption, significant cost savings to the staff, the ability to prevent serious accidents, life extension of expensive equipment.

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